Unlocking Stroke Awareness: Exploring Risk Factors and Preventive Strategies among the General Public in Himachal Pradesh

Dr Shalini Devi1, Dr Jyotsna Guleria 2, Dr shivek Mohan3*

1Dr Shalini Devi, MD Radiology, CH Theog, Shimla.

2Dr Jyotsna GuleriaMD Anaesthesia, CH karsog, Mandi

3Dr shivek Mohan, SR surgery, DR RKGMC Hamirpur

*Corresponding Author

Dr Shivek Mohan

Article History

Received: 25.08.2023

Accepted: 30.08.2023

Published: 08.09.2023

Abstract: Background: Stroke is a major global health challenge, causing disability and mortality worldwide. Many strokes are preventable through risk factor management and public awareness. This study aimed to assess awareness and knowledge of stroke risk factors and preventive strategies among the general public in Himachal Pradesh, India. Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted from April to July 2023 among 400 adults in Himachal Pradesh. A structured questionnaire assessed knowledge of stroke risk factors and preventive measures. Data were analyzed descriptively, categorizing knowledge levels as very good, good, fair, or poor. Results: Respondents displayed varying levels of awareness. While 72.5% could define stroke, only 63.5% identified common risk factors accurately. Although 65.25% recognized preventive measures, knowledge gaps persisted. Only 42.25% identified stroke symptoms, yet 66.75% acknowledged the importance of seeking immediate medical attention. Conclusion: While there is fair knowledge about stroke risk factors and preventive measures among Himachal Pradesh's general public, knowledge gaps exist, particularly in recognizing specific risk factors and stroke symptoms. Public health initiatives should target these gaps to enhance awareness and empower individuals to prevent strokes effectively.

Keywords: Stroke, awareness, knowledge, risk factors, preventive measures, Himachal Pradesh, public health.