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Instruction of submission:
Authors are hereby notified that the journals listed on the domains, , and operate under the umbrella of iARCON International LLP. To facilitate a seamless peer-review process with a commitment to quality, we have designed a comprehensive journal submission platform adhering to the highest standardized review procedures.
Before initiating the article submission process, authors are required to adhere to the following steps:
Step 1
Create an account by clicking on the registration link (
Step 2
Complete the verification process through email confirmation (A verification email will be sent; please check your inbox and mark it as not spam if necessary).
Step 3
Log in to your account, select the type of author, and enter your email id and password.
Step 4
Navigate to iARCON Journal Submission.
Step 5
Choose the desired journal for submission.
Step 6
Review the author guidelines to prepare the manuscript according to the provided guidelines.
Step 7
Fill in the necessary details and click on the submit button.
We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these steps for a smooth submission process.

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