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Research Article | Volume 2 Issue 1 (Issue January, 2021)
The Effects of Nepotism and Favoritism on Employee Behaviors in the Private and Government Organization in the Period
Assistant Librarian Rama P.G. College, Uttar Pradesh, India 226028.
Under a Creative Commons license
Open Access
Feb. 28, 2021
Nepotism And Favoritism That Can Be Seen In Most Institutions / Organization Today Which Has Became A Fairly Common Topic, Whereas The Objective Of Any Organization Should Be To Assign Work To Every Person According To His Ability And To Create Such Situations So That He Can Make Full Use Of His Ability So That Makes Optimal Use Of Research Possible Granting Privileges To Some Individuals Is Very Disturbing Situation For The Employees Of The Institution Which Result In Severe Consequences That Lack Of Trust, Job Satisfaction , Organizational Loyalty And Personal Performance To Effects Negatively Influenced. Nepotism And Favoritism Is The Type And Nature Of Recruitment Practices Which Are Strategically Placed To Make The Job Fit For Effective Productivity Performance.
Job Performance
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