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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What are the submission guidelines for the journal?

Please look into the Author Instructions provided before initiating the submission process.


2. How do I submit my manuscript?

You can submit your manuscript via both online and offline platforms. For detailed instructions, visit our submission system 


3. Is there a specific format or template for manuscript preparation?

We accept manuscripts adhering to our manuscript Preparation format. Please follow the MLA 9th Edition citation style outlined [here](MLA_9th_Edition_link).


4. What is the peer review process for this journal?

We follow a double-blind peer review process. For more details, click [here](peer_review_process_link).


5. How long does the peer review process typically take?

The peer review process usually takes 3-5 days for initial review. However, the process from reviewing to publication may take up to 60 days. 


6. Will I be informed about the status of my submission during the review process?

Yes, authors can check the status of their manuscript by logging into their account on our Academic Hub [here](Academic_Hub_link).


7. Can I suggest potential reviewers for my manuscript?

Authors are allowed to suggest up to 4 potential reviewers for their manuscript.


8. What are the publication ethics and standards followed by the journal?

Please refer to our publication guidelines for detailed information.


9. Is there a publication fee associated with publishing in the journal?

Yes, there is a publication fee of 100 USD to maintain the quality standards of the journal.


10. Does the journal have any policies regarding open access or copyright?

Yes, the journal is fully open access. For more information, click [here](open_access_policy_link).


11. Can I submit supplementary materials along with my manuscript?

Yes, authors can update their manuscript or add supplementary materials after the initial submission.


12. What types of articles does the journal accept?

Please refer to the Aim and Scope section of the journal for information on the accepted article types.


13. Is the journal focused solely on medical sciences, or does it consider interdisciplinary research?

The journal accepts submissions aligned with its Aim and Scope, which may include interdisciplinary research.


14. Are there any specific areas within applied medical sciences that the journal prioritises?

The journal covers a wide range of areas within applied medical sciences.


15. Does the journal publish both empirical research and review articles?

Yes, the journal publishes both empirical research and review articles.


16. What happens if my manuscript is rejected?

Authors will be informed of the reasons for rejection. If its feasible, suggestions for improvement will also be provided.


17. Will I receive feedback from reviewers, and can I revise and resubmit my manuscript?

Yes, Authors can revise and resubmit their manuscripts after reviewers provide input and feedback.


18. How long does it typically take for accepted manuscripts to be published online?

Accepted manuscripts are typically published online within 5 days.


19. Will my manuscript undergo any additional editing or formatting before publication?

Yes, before the final publication, authors will have the opportunity to review and finalise their manuscripts.

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