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Peer Review Mode:

The employs a rigorous peer review process to ensure the quality and integrity of the research published. All submissions undergo a thorough evaluation by experts in their respected fields before an acceptance follows through for publication. The journal processes manuscripts through a double-blind peer review mode. Here, both the identities of the authors and reviewers are kept anonymous of each other to maintain objectivity and impartiality. 


Transparent Peer Review:

While the identities of the authors and reviewers are kept confidential during the review process, the values transparency in peer review. Authors are provided with constructive feedback from reviewers to improve the quality of their manuscripts. Additionally, the journal encourages open communication between authors, reviewers, and editors to facilitate transparency and accountability throughout the review process.


The Role of Reviewers:

Reviewers play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and validity of the research published in the 


Reviewers conduct thorough evaluations of manuscripts assigned to them. They use their expertise to provide constructive feedback on the clarity, significance, methodology, and interpretation of the research. They assess the originality and contribution of the manuscript to the field of their study. 


They identify any potential ethical concerns or conflicts of interest that could hinder the publication process. After an in-depth analysis, the reviewer makes recommendations to the editor regarding the suitability of the manuscript for publication.


Recognition for Reviewers:


The acknowledges the valuable contributions of reviewers to the peer review process. Reviewers are recognized for their efforts through the acknowledgment section in the published articles they review. They also receive a certificate of recognition for their service to the journal.The reviewers name gets included in the journal's reviewer database and they are acknowledged on the journal website.


Reviewers get a 25% Waiver on the Publication fee for their manuscript submission with the iARCON Group. Additionally, they get a 50% Waiver on All the conferences and workshops organized by iARCON. 


To Become a Reviewer:

The invites experienced researchers and professionals in the field of applied medical sciences to apply as a reviewer in this journal. 


To apply for the position, individuals can submit their application by Apply for Reviewer or one can submit their application to The application must include their expertise, qualifications, and publications to the editorial office. The editorial board evaluates reviewer applications based on their expertise and experience in their relevant fields.


Guidance for Peer Reviewers:

Reviewers are provided with guidance and support throughout the peer review process. Access to the detailed reviewer guidelines is provided by the organization. This set of guidelines gives a clear outline of the reviewer’s responsibilities and the role expected of them.


Training sessions/workshops on effective peer review practices are provided to ease the review process at an initial stage. Prompt assistance from the editorial office in addressing any questions or concerns during the review process is available. A channel of continuous feedback and recognition for their contributions to the journal is facilitated. 


The values the expertise and dedication of its reviewers in maintaining the high standards of scholarly publishing. By adhering to these guidelines, reviewers play a vital role in advancing scientific knowledge and fostering academic integrity within the field of applied medical sciences.

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