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Research Article | Volume 4 Issue 3 (Issue May, 2023)
Assessment of Factors Influencing Youth Involvement in Criminal Activities in Kitale Town-Trans Nzoia County
Under a Creative Commons license
Open Access
June 26, 2023
The enlargement of a state depends on the wellbeing and competence of a rising populace. The study was guided by three detailed objectives; to determine the types of criminal activities that youth are involved in; to determine the influence of socio-demographic factors on youth participation in crime and to identify mechanisms and strategies put in place to reduce youth participation in crime. The review was guided by the Anomie-Strain Theory, Marxist-Conflict Theory and General Strain Theory. This study adopted a descriptive survey research design. The target population of the study was 160 security cadres. The study utilized the census technique in coming up with the sample size of 160. Questionnaire and interview schedules were the main tools for data collection. Data that was collected was checked for accuracy, cleaned and coded to facilitate analysis. Analysis was done using descriptive statistics that included frequencies, mean, percent, standard deviation as well as inferential statistics. The data was analyzed with the aid of SPSS Version 25.0. Analyzed findings were presented using tables and figures. This study concluded that types of criminal activities, socio-demographic factors and mechanisms/strategies put in place had a positive significant effect on youth involvement in criminal activities. The study therefore, recommended that management in the County should make more attempts in adopting and implementing security mechanisms/strategies in order to shrink youth involvement in criminal activities.
Youth involvement
Social norms
Criminal activities
Kitale town
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